A1 Collection’s mission is to continuously be innovative with its designs, giving women the ability to feel confident, love herself and let her clothing speak for itself.

Women’s fashion designer and seamstress Kamille Powell founded A1 Collection in 2015. Her passion and love for fashion began at a young age being a self-taught seamstress. Born and raised in Toronto she was always surrounded by the fashion industry, three years ago she decided to turn her passion and love into chasing her dreams. All products from A1 Collection are single handily made by seamstress Kamille.


The meaning behind the A1 is being the best quality, or top of the line product. Kamille believes, strives and takes pride in being able to bring a client’s vision to life through her designs. A1 Collection uses imported Fabrics from all over the world in order for her clients to have a unique look to their custom made clothing.

See you in 2020!

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