"I describe my fashion and style as street, edgy, flirty with class. My fashion is a vibe, it displays my way of living, it’s my creativity, my emotions and most of all, my life. It’s my BEAUTYBOXX!!!!!"

Deon Roberts, designer of the Brand “Beauty Boxx”, was born in Jamaica and migrated to Canada at the age of 8. Her love for fashion started primarily with shoes, as her father is known as one of the best shoemakers in Jamaica who created custom shoes for people all over the world with his unique ability to hand-craft and create his own designs from scratch. 


As Deon grew older, her love for fashion elevated especially throughout high school. She presented in various Fashion and Hair shows to gain more insights and knowledge along with receiving the right industry exposure. Deon loves everything about Fashion and the complexity of completed work. Seeing her pieces come to life on muses, gives her a sense of satisfaction and appreciation for Fashion.

See you in 2020!

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