Shay Ling, creator of her newly established clothing line Bourgeois has always had a keen interest in fashion and design. Her zest for fashion was noticeably present from a young age and that passion followed her throughout the course of her life.  Shay’s design aesthetic began with DIY’s and altering store bought clothing pieces as she has always had a strong desire to stand out. In her teenage years she found herself beginning to sketch designs that would come to her and then having them custom made.  


The personalized edge that she gave to her altered/customized clothing pieces lead to her constantly being approached regarding the clothing that she was wearing and where these pieces could be found. This type of encouragement lead Shay to take up garment construction and drafting courses to expand her design skills and start creating them from sketch to finished product.  


This will be her first time introducing her brand and showcasing a new collection.  She shares great enthusiasm in sharing this journey with you as she ventures further into fashion design!

See you in 2020!

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