Playful, Elegant, Fearless

Born in the Philippines and moved to Canada at the age of seven,  Ray Jake Carino started Ekaj just under two years ago. He has always had a love for pageantry and women’s fashion so he began to sketch his ideas with the glimmer of a dream that he would one day create a gown worthy of the beautiful Filipinas he grew up watching grace the stage at Miss Universe and Bb Pilipinas.  This passion lead to his first collaboration with Beatrice Andrada, the international titleholder for Miss Pacific World 2017. The fire was lit inside of him when he watched her walk across the stage and be crowned wearing Ekaj and it just keeps burning brighter.

Since this collaboration Ray has built a full team of supportive and talented individuals. From administration to music to video to photography, Ekaj has become the full package. Ekaj has participated in University of Toronto Fashion Week, Toronto Off The Runway fashion show, and numerous International Professional Entertainment Network (IPEN) events.  This year Ekaj had the pleasure of dressing two contestants for the Miss Philippines Canada Pageant and was awarded the Best in Casual Wear and Best in National Costume awards.

Ekaj is a women’s fashion brand that specializes in high end, one of a kind, custom dresses and casual wear.  Because of his love and appreciation for pageants, the Ray’s aesthetic always exudes a flare of confidence and purposeful beauty.  Every woman deserves to feel like the Queen she was born to become. This… is the Rise of Ekaj.

See you in 2020!

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