Highkey Lowkey, where the Indian traditions meet Western aesthetics. This idea came to Malika Nagpal when she realized her love for ethnic jewelry, and how it could be paired with every western outfit. She clearly remembers one day, walking the streets of Downtown Toronto and wearing one of her ethnic earrings which she paired with a dress, when several people stopped her and complimented the look. They loved the concept of wearing ethnic jewelry with a western outfit, and that’s where she decided to pursue Highkey Lowkey. A few months later, she launched a brand which allows you to match your effortless beauty and assertive integrity.

Concept of Highkey Lowkey

"Why Highkey Lowkey?" This is usually the first question we get. It is a fashion accessory store which represents pieces of Jewelry. With these pieces you can either go Highkey or Lowkey. If you want to feel captivating and royal, you can go for Highkey look. Whereas if you want to go for a subtler look and still look adorable, you can go for Lowkey. It provides the best combination of royal and subtle style. Therefore, we present HIGHKEY LOWKEY. In addition to this, if you're not certain about how to pair any of our jewelry pieces, we provide free styling tips on our Instagram account.

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See you in 2020!

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