My name is Mavis and I started reconstructing/ designing clothing in 2007. I was raised in a small city and I was always the odd one out. I found it difficult finding things that matched my personality and the one thing I was able to have full control over was my clothing. I became obsessed with DIY's and sewing I started to self teach techniques on sewing by countless trail and errors with my mothers sewing machine. I then started reconstructing things like denim which later turned into my first brand reformed clothing which was later named "Fit By Mavis". Fit By Mavis was strictly custom made garments and as FBM grew I started loosing interest in customization and sewing all together because I felt as though I was only recreating other people's designs. In 2016 I closed FBM and started my brand maaCollection and never looked back. I literally get tears in my eyes every time I see women in my clothing cause it reminds me of how I felt when I made my first real piece. I want maaCollection to make every Female feel unstoppable, beautiful, sexy, fearless and fashion forward all in 1 piece. 

See you in 2020!

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