“I will set the world on fire, for you.”


Up-and-coming Canadian avant-garde, genderfluid, unisex garment and headpiece designer Serean Bechara uses her passion for innovation and story-telling to create her illusionary and transcendent artistry.


She pursued fashion at ESMOD International Fashion University in Beirut, Lebanon and returned to Canada to study at the Academy of Design. She debuted her critically acclaimed headpiece collection, ‘Stygian’ under the brand Aphotic at World MasterCard Fashion Week. Bechara went on to win a variety of competitions that led her to pursue Marketing at Humber College where she works as an LGBTQ+ Resource & Events Assistant.


She is passionate about gender expression and likes to combine that with artistic design. The freedom to choose what you wear based on who you are and not what society dictates is very powerful. Fashion has been a reflection of society and its norms within the time period. Bechara feels it’s time to truly reinvent what it means to be masculine, androgynous, feminine, and anything in between. Gender norms in a heteronormative society are rapidly changing. The ability to look past these norms and to not let anyone dictate how to represent yourself is truly inspiring. Modava Designs is a chance to use fashion to pave the way for social change.

See you in 2020!

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