Mallory Parker is the founder and designer of the Parker Hue Shoe Collection. Parker Hue is a family inspired business. Born and raised in Toronto, Mallory was always inspired by the Parkers women in her life and it has highly influenced each piece of the collection. Her father was also a musician and all the pieces are often named by songs related to the Parkers.

While growing up, Mallory’s mother and sister would always wear pieces that would set them apart from the crowd that always STOOD OUT. From a young age, she developed a love for shoes, at this present time owns more than 500 pairs. Mallory would often go shopping with an idea of what she wants, and doesn’t get satisfied with the pieces she usually finds. So why not to design or customize them by yourself?

She started sketching her first designs in high school. Although she did not have any design education, Mallory has always maintained her creativity through travelling, collecting inspiration from different amazing places. In 2016, she began saving and putting her best pieces together for her prep for the new collection. In 2018, she hit the ground running with her Spring Collection pieces Distant Lover, Bowie and Nova.

See you in 2020!

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