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Rochelle Clarke - Host 2018

Rochelle Clarke is a social media influencer/ vlogger turned actor from Toronto Ontario. She first started vlogging with her family in 2014 at the height of the Youtube vlogger era; where she instantly garnered success as a content creator. Since then she has gained subscribers on all social media platforms. Far from a one night success story she has continued to win the hearts of women, families and brands from Telus, to Dyson and even acting in commercials for Coca Cola to Skype and many more.

With a focus on family, fashion, make up health and wellness Rochelle keeps housewives to every day families engaged and entertained.

Tina Dao - Red Carpet Host 2018

Tina is the creator of simplyteee, a creative outlet featuring her love for fashion, beauty and travel. She works full-time as a Marketing Manager for Growth and Retention at a healthcare software company downtown Toronto. Outside of that, you'll mostly find her bingeing shows on Netflix, sleeping, stuffing her face with food or all of the above. 

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Locklyn found her true love for music at age 12 while performing at local establishments including shows at the Rivoli and Al Green Theatre.  Since that time, she has broken into the industry with the release of her debut single “I Don’t Wanna” which reached number 23 on the Canadian iTunes charts.

Locklyn’s music has genuine meaning and is truly appreciated by her peers and audience. 

Currently Locklyn is in the studio working with songwriter/producer Trust Chen Pow and vocal coach Lorraine Lawson (from CTV's The Launch) on her debut EP, NUOVO which is planned for release November 24th, 2018.  

People have quoted, “for a younger girl, her soul and spirit are so pure. She is the magic of the magic.

Locklyn is passionate about sharing her music and art with the world and can't imagine doing anything else.

Her lyrics are so deep and real from experience. You don’t find someone her age capable of this level”.

Be on the lookout for her EP and you can stay up to date with everything Locklyn on her social media sites.

The Flaunt It Movement is a youth-led organization that works to promote self-love for all women. Through our photography platform, our work comprises of various campaigns that target self-esteem development, body positivity, beauty standards and more. In order to gain a diverse range of content for our series, we organize tri-monthly open photoshoot events that become inclusive safe spaces for women all across the GTA to join. The team is based in the Jane & Finch community in which they are currently organizing a Community Art Show to showcase the work they have captured over the year along with celebrate the local talent and people in the area.

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I am a visual and digital artist from Mexico City and based in Toronto who goes by the name of Diara.


My artwork is an expression of my spirituality and my cultural background. My preferred media is abstract painting and painting in acrylic, watercolour, gouache, and oil. The goal of my art is to share my spiritual beliefs and create an artwork that is visually pleasant and relaxing for the spectator. I also combine Mexican art techniques with the use of Mexican art references and elements to share it with the public to get them to know and experience Mexico through my artwork.


My work is mostly abstract and it combines patterns, geometry and bright colours which is an aspect that I am exploring at the moment.

I am developing my own brand named Diara, a line of hand-painted jeans and jean jackets and customized mugs.


The name Diara is the union of my name and last name Diana Ramirez  (Dia-ra). Though at the same time it is an African name which means gift. I have chosen this name because it represents who I am and the way I see art and creativity, a gift that has been given to all of us to create, to be creative, a gift to remember who we are and share it with the world.

Diara will be soon available online with a vast catalog.

DJ Chelo

One of Toronto’s most sought after DJ’s, playing all genres

of music from old school to today’s hits DJ Chelo can rock any crowd.

He’s the resident DJ for SundéSocial for 2+ years, he also plays gigs at some of your favourite restaurants from Scaddabush to Bier Markt to any of the Landing Group Restaurants!

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All About The Vibe

ALL ABOUT THE VIBE presents Made For Now, choreographed by Ashlyn Kuy. It features a number of Toronto dancers who train in various styles such as: hip hop, jazz funk, popping, locking, house, krump, modern, contemporary and ballet. These dancers can also be found in a number of music videos and commercials for artist such as: Shawn Desman, Sia, Limore Music, Ashlee Vee Music, Degrassi & Ripley’s Aquarium. They are very excited to showcase their love for dance and to vibe with each other. 

See you in 2020!

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