Phoenix Ba is a Toronto-based fashion designer, specialized in women’s casual, occasional and evening wear. Surrounded by fabrics, needles, sheers and chalks, Phoenix was raised by her parents who were pattern drafters and tailors for uniforms and suits. Since then, her passion of drawing beautiful dresses and fabricating them for wearing was implanted. Later, Phoenix received her fashion design and technique education at George Brown College, where she also discovered her tremendous interest in a surface textile.

With study and work experience in Asia, Europe and North America, Phoenix observed historical and cultural differences, which inspired her to integrate them into concepts and elements of her fashion designs, demonstrating the humanistic solicitude.

Combining aesthetic judgments and technical skills, the designs are presented as means for self-expression. Each garment has it’s own story and characters. Phoenix Ba aims to think outside the box and create elegant and timeless womenswear with creative designs, variegated non-conventional materials and surface textile techniques. The line focuses on femininity, passion and confidence and contains one-of-a-kind outfits that suit women from different cultural backgrounds with different voices and attitudes.

See you in 2020!

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